Pear Cake
This week I finally managed to get to our baby yoga class. It was a lot of fun, as always. Eryk was trying to sit up always when it was time to lay down. Just ignoring everything around and making his little crunches. So cute. Then when it was time for mommy (entire 3 minutes) to relax and stretch and exercise he decided to choke Sophie, the giraffe. Repeatedly. Close your eyes. Relax and breathe. In and  SQUEAK SQUEAK out SQUEAK SQUEAK in and SQUEAK SQUEAK out. Imagine that your worries SQUEAK SQUEAK are floating away SQUEAK SQUEAK. You get the picture. Sophie is the best, just do not take her to yoga, baby or not, classes :).

After so much stretching and squeaking we deserved something good for dessert. One of us got pureed squash and one of us made (and ate) this delicious cake. What can I tell you about it? Maybe that it taste was nothing I expected. It was different in a good way. I love eating pastries and cakes, coffee cakes especially, but I must admit that all of them have something in common, taste-wise. I can’t really pin point what it is but definitely there is a common theme there. Well, this cake is different. It is dense and moist. It makes you ask for more. I love the pear’s skin wrinkled on the top and how the fruit melts with crumbs in my mouth. It tastes great with an afternoon tea and even better with morning coffee. Maybe pears make this cake special – the only other cake that I tried that had this “different” quality was this one. Also with pears.

Original recipe calls for 1/2 cup of chocolate. I omitted it this time but maybe next time, and there will be a next time, I try to add a bit too.

Pear Cake

Recipe was adapted from Food52

Pear Cake

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2 Responses to Yogurt Pear Cake

  1. Monica says:

    I had a good laugh at poor Sophie’s expense! Your dessert look yummy – bet some cardamom would be good in this recipe.

    • Monika says:

      Oh yes! Cardamon! I need to remember about it next time 🙂 And we have another baby yoga tomorrow – Sophie stays at home! 🙂

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