Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

I still cannot get over the excitement that I have an ice cream maker. It is nothing fancy but it is pink and it makes delicious ice cream. And since we’re still in July, which is the National Ice Cream Month (I learnt it his year!) the more reasons to put it into a good use.

So it is coffee ice cream this time. I love this recipe for various reasons. Firstly, it is very quick. Secondly, despite its simplicity (and lacks of egg yolks) it is creamy, rich and thus very, very tasty. And the flavor… mmmmmm…. It is perfect. Takes me right to my favorite part of any day – morning cup of coffee.

If you wondered why “Vietnamese” – this is how Vietnamese Iced Coffee is made.

Recipe was found in The Perfect Scoop.

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream


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  1. Bea says:

    Ummmm que pintaza!!! En cuanto vuelva a Madrid pruebo a hacerlo. :).

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