Chocolate Stout Cake


Not so long ago I was having a nice lunch in our local diner. This nice lunch ended with an unexpected dessert that I ordered without enthusiasm, because what special can be about chocolate Guinness cake? Not much I thought. It is just chocolate cake, right? So there it was, sitting on a plate in front of me. Still not impressed I dug my fork into it and took my first bite. This is where my indifference ended, and ended abruptly. The cake was so dense, full of chocolate flavor and of something I really couldn’t put my finger on, that it was just taste buds blowing!

That day I decided to try to make it at home, and to keep trying until I’ll get somewhat similar result. Maybe even one day I’ll gather enough courage to ask at the mentioned diner if they would share a recipe with me… What possibly could happen? If they say no, that’s ok. But what if they say yes? Can you imagine being able to prepare such a marvelous dessert in matters of few hours? Whenever I want! Oh.. would be so wonderful.

In the meantime I am searching through websites and blogs for a chocolate stout cakes recipes and then trying to work with them at home. The one I am sharing with you today is not as marvelous as the one I ate at the diner, but it is pretty good! Enough that I decided it is worth its own post. The recipe was adapted from Epicurious, quantities were halved, and I used cream cheese frosting instead of chocolate one.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. And if you know about any great chocolate stout cakes recipes that I could try, please let me know!


Chocolate Stout Cake



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