cucumber salad

You may have noticed that blog has slowed down recently. I am working to change that, but to give you some explanation – I am just not really usable lately. But, as I said, I am working on it! So please bear with me little longer.

This salad is very quick and uncomplicated. In Poland we eat it frequently, probably few times a week, depending on what sort of dishes are served for dinner. Usual set up calls for some boiled potatoes, meat and this salad. It is especially tasty with new/young potatoes and refreshing during summer months.

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7 Responses to Mizeria – Cucumber Salad

  1. Karen says:

    I had this growing up. What a great comfort food

  2. Janell Hendershot says:

    I was taught to salt down the cucumbers for a few hours before adding sour cream/dill mixture to take some of the acid out of the cucumbers (it also makes them softer).

  3. James says:

    Really good my wife likes it and she isn’t Polish

  4. Diane says:

    Grew up with this in a large polish family but they always added a tablespoon of sugar to the mix

    • Monika says:

      Hi Diane! Yes, there is a version with sugar too 🙂 In fact in my home we used to make two bowls of it, one with sugar, one with vinegar, the latter being my dad’s favorite. Thanks for stopping by!

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