My grandma passed away this Wednesday. It was peaceful, I was told, and I am grateful for that. I haven’t seen her for almost a year and this makes it harder to process. Being far away from home makes pretending that “nothing had happen” so easy.  I just spoke with her few days ago, how is it possible she is gone? How is it possible she won’t meet her great-grandson? I know she would love him, she would sing to him while bouncing on her knees. This little ducky song of hers… This is how we spent together many afternoons when I was a child – swinging in a hammock, me on her knees and this silly ducky song.


 I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with her as a child. We lived (my parents and I) with my grandparents until I was nine or so,  and when my mom and dad were at work my grandpa and grandma were taking care of me.  So we visited horses and ponies in a nearby pasture, where I patted them and talk to them and didn’t want to to leave. We visited neighbor’s  cows when we were picking up fresh milk. I remember that this farmer had a flock of geese and one day entire flock chased me through the backyard.. I was so scared and till this day geese are not favorites of mine! We also fed chickens, collected eggs. And I loved giving them single, carefully picked out straws of grass – this was my way of making their “diet special”. Ech.. how crazy I was 😉 We also had a little orchard (fruit trees were my grandpa love).  Sweet cherries were by far my favorites and I spent a lot of time eating them out of the tree.

My grandma was a great cook. Some of her recipes are here, some will be, some I won’t be able to recreate. The one I am posting today is the most precious one for me. This szarlotka, kind of a crumble apple cake, is the one I grew up with, the one I was always begging for, the first one I learned how to bake. I’ve always thought that I won’t share this recipe with anyone and keep all this goodness to myself, but now I think it is a good moment to change my mind. In memory of my grandma.





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  1. Hunt Blatz says:

    The recipe looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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