Apple cakes remind me of my Grandma who made the best apple cake ever. I remember how lovely our house smelled when it was baking in the oven and how quickly it disappeared. Quite often the cake didn’t even make it from the pan to the serving plate or cake pedestal. It was gone before anyone could think about it.

Maybe because of these memories I always happily try new apple cake recipes. Plus Fall makes me nostalgic. So much has happened here recently that a pinch of nostalgia in my cup of tea and a piece of a good cake is exactly what I need.

The recipe I am sharing with you is from Moje Wypieki – very popular Polish food blog. Even if you don’t speak Polish I encourage you to check it out – if only to admire beautiful photography.

Click here to see the original recipe 







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One Response to Fall Apple Cake

  1. emilka says:

    made it today <3 and it is just amazing!
    thanks a lot <3 !

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