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We’ve moved fair amount of times and the problem that always arises is where I can buy good bread (read: similar to what I am used to eat). The answer is not always satisfactory, as the store may be too far away, or the bread is not so good, or there may be not such store at all. Fortunately now I don’t have this problem, but in case I need good rustic bread this recipe comes in handy.

I admit, it is time consuming, but (!) easy to make. Just follow the steps. I usually bake it on Saturdays, when I know I will be home and around for when the dough needs to be turned or shaped. The loaf of that bread lasts about one week. Oh, and I apologize for not posting nutritional info, but unfortunately I was too quick to eat few slices, before I realized I haven’t weighed it….

This recipe was adapted from America’s Test Kitchen.

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