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May is a happy month, don’t you think? The weather is nice, spring in its full bloom, plenty of fresh produce around and live just seems easier. I love this time of year, although I think I am a bit lazier then – trying to enjoy every minute of sun and warmth, preferably on the blanket in a park. Blanket on a grass in back yard will do too… or at least an open window in my office so I can feel light breeze and listen to birdsongs. Yesterday I saw two rabbits running around a tree in front of the house!

These muffins would be perfect blanket companions. I like fruits in the muffins because of their freshness and not so sweet taste, and berries are fit this perfectly. Also they pair well with cup of morning coffee, something to think about with Mother’s day coming soon 🙂

This recipe was adapted from CooksIllustrated.

blueberry muffin

blueberry muffins l


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