Blueberry buckle

As a dietitian I like to know how many calories food has. I forget the number 15 minutes later, but still, I like to know. However sometimes I wonder what’s the point? Wouldn’t blissful ignorance be better? 🙂 Oh.. I am not making big deal out of it. It is just a number. My main problem is, I think, that I cook/bake and eat first, and THEN calculate the nutritional value. Although I can estimate it beforehand, usually my eyes are getting bigger and bigger when the numbers start to add up. Oh my… Again, not a big deal.

This super tasty blueberry buckle would be my breakfast choice each time I would have it around. Plenty of energy until lunch, super compatibility with cup of coffee and fruit is included! 😉 And forget about the numbers!

This recipe was adapted from Simply Recipes

blueberry buckle slice

blueberry buckle corner

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