I like eating potatoes. I really do. They’re my ultimate comfort food and my quiet indulgence. Just think about it – is there any other food that undergoes similar transformation during cooking as potato does? It goes from unattractive, to say the least, covered with dirt bulb to golden, crispy fries, silky smooth mashed potatoes, or thin and delicate chips. Spectacular, isn’t it? It can play the star role as in potato galette, potato salad or this Spanish tortilla but it is also perfectly happy in less prominent roles. Cauliflower or sauerkraut soup wouldn’t be the same without few potatoes adding substance and comfort to it, right?



Do you know this moment when you’re in a restaurant/diner and they ask if you want fries or salad with your burger? For a split second I think I should say salad and then nonchalant Fries are fine comes out of my mouth. Every.Single.Time.

Sometimes I just need a fix. Something that will satisfy my craving but won’t make me feel (too) bad. Well, this is it. Baked fries. This recipe makes enough for 3 to 4 reasonable portions. But just between you and me? I could easily eat (almost) all of it..

Recipe was adapted from Ellie Krieger





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