Avocado filled sandwich

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend! We’ve had a good one. Nothing special though, but being able to stay at home and have some family time is always very relaxing and welcomed. I’ve tried few new recipes, which was fun, while Pawel played with the little one. Recently he came into possession of guitar (Pawel not the little one) so I could also enjoy some repetitive guitar sounds as he practiced new tunes and tried to remember the old ones. Fun, fun, fun.

These sandwiches weren’t on the menu this time. I’ve prepared them for the first time sometime in January, I think, and we’ve enjoyed them quite a few times since then. As always “quick and easy” makes them a very tempting choice for a weekday dinner, plus they’re tasty too. If you would like to make them a bit more lighter the easiest way would be to choose part skim mozzarella cheese instead of the whole milk one, and decrease/skip the butter. Also this avocado paste would make a wonderful dip!

This recipe was adapted from Once Upon a Cutting Board.

Avocado filled sandwich


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