click-in-postPhew! This week just flew by! I worked on a few recipes, nothing was photographed though. Yeah… Note to myself – never plan to photograph something the next day.

Eryk refuses to nap on his own recently and as a result I found myself with some mandatory downtime. This is a roundup of where my phone an internet took me.

My one and only blog for Japanese cuisine will teach you how to make sushi rolls! Click here to watch the video and click here  to go to the blog.

Not that I’ll be on the market any time soon but this app caught my attention. Read a review on this site.

Do you remember the rosemary pear cake from last year? It’s one of the best (and easiest) cakes I made (and ate). Contrary to what I thought rosemary is an excellent dessert addition. Luckily I found another recipe to try!

My son is almost 9 months so we’ve been doing solids for some time now. He’s getting better at it, thank you. Recently I pureed for him some cauliflower soup (with few extra chunks of carrot – he likes it so much) and discovered that it transforms the soup into a delightfully satisfying cream soup. Ha! Plus isn’t saving leftovers vegetables this way genius? 🙂

This cauliflower recipe – I.must.make.soon. (in Spanish – translator, if needed, to your right).

I am not mean, I just couldn’t resist. This IS in Polish. Oatmeal cookies with prunes! And Oreo Cheesecake!

This is a neat idea for a thoughtful gift. May need to plan something soon.

Wondering what Toshiba has to do with salad? Click here to solve the mystery.

Pistachio filling. Do I need to say more?

Enough I say. Enough.

Ha ha ha! Pierogi, always pierogi!

I should start working on that starter now. This recipe looks amazingly fluffy!

Holidays are getting closer and closer. I am not ready at all. Not for Thanksgiving, not for Christmas, but I keep finding plenty of ideas to make them nicer, cozier, better smelling 😉

This will be my reading for when I’ll start getting ready. Or maybe a tad sooner.

Handmade gifts for toddlers anyone? Wonderful ideas are here.

And that’s it! Have a great Sunday!








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