Another week just passed by. Fast. Too fast. I have million things to do and if the time continues to pass with such speed I’ll never finish my ‘to do’ list!

Thanksgiving is this week. I have been looking forward to this year celebration for various reasons – I like being thankful. I think it is important to stop for a moment and appreciate what we have and what’s important to us. I like the feeling of anticipation, when pots and pans on the stove are full and hot, when everything and everyone is getting ready and when we can stay inside and listen to the wind. I like spending time with family and friends, celebrating with exceptional food. And drinks. There is one more reason this year – my son. This will be his first Thanksgiving. This is not a holiday celebrated in Poland, but he was born here and I think it is important that we embrace (some) American traditions. You know we celebrated for the first time last year and it was almost a disaster. Let’s hope this year we will do better.

When I was researching recipes and whatnot I stumbled upon this post about this Etsy store – my kitchen, anyone’s kitchen, would look so beautiful with these in it. And I am sure everything would taste better too! Don’t you agree?

There are plenty of Thanksgiving recipes out there and although I am not an expert in which ones are considered as a part of tradition I knew there was something fishy about grape salad in Minnesota. Ha! Read more here.

Back to recipes – I haven’t decided yet what I’ll cook but this may be a handy list.

It has been cold around here (not today though!) – soup sounds like an excellent idea! Which one, which one?

Low temperatures never stopped me from eating some ice cream. Or ice cream pops. Tell me, they have cranberries in them, does that qualify them for a Thanksgiving dessert?

I don’t like brussels sprouts but Pawel does. As a good and loving wife I may be willing to overcome my own feelings and prepare some for him. Maybe the first recipe from this list? They claim even brussels sprouts haters will love it. We’ll see about that.

After the feast is over I think I’ll need these to feel better. Maybe with some turkey leftovers. Since we’re talking about feeling better – wouldn’t you love to eat those for lunch? At work? Or anywhere else. Fabulous idea.

All this Thanksgiving research made me start thinking about Christmas, decorations and gifts. Eryk is still too young for any of those but I’ll keep the list clipped for the future when I have time and skills (!) to make any of them.

Celebrations call for a proper dinnerware. Or maybe just a clean one but regardless look at those beauties!

Food plays such an important role in our life – National Geographic’s new mini series is all about that. You can watch the preview here.

It’s late. Oh, it is so late. And still millions things to do!

Have a great week everyone!





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