I already wrote some time ago that I love apples, especially in delicious bakery items. It hasn’t changed! I am still a big fan and realizing how small my current apple recipe collection is has been a bit surprising to me. I have few more recipes I am working now on, but I’ve also made a decision to widen my search for apple deliciousness! As always, any ideas and suggestions are very welcome 🙂

For now, so I can gain some additional time, you can find below a summary of what we’ve had here till now, apple related of course.



Also this weekend first lab and HW were due for Science and Cooking class. Unfortunately some baking and social obligations didn’t allow me to fully prepare BUT this doesn’t mean anything, not yet anyway 🙂 And I still encourage you to enroll!

Oh, wait! I just checked and first HW and lab deadline actually says NOVEMBER 19th, not October 19th.. I don’t know where I have my head sometimes.  Well, in this case there is plenty of time to finish it up 🙂


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