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Let me introduce myself. My name is Monika and I am amateur baker and cook. I am also a Registered Dietitian, but this is somehow irrelevant as my love for food developed way before my graduation. It was my mom’s kitchen that suffered endless baking experiments and an incredible mess that usually resulted in not so tasty cakes and my mom’s headache. Fortunately my skills improved with time and now I can be left alone in kitchen without worries.

I like variety of food and such a variety you may find on this blog. Sometimes I focus more on baking, sometimes on something else, depends what I am in mood for. I am sure you understand the feeling. I am always happy to read suggestions and comments, so feel free to express yourself using comment form or just writing me an email at

Maybe you have noticed that each recipe is accompanied by nutritional information. This is my RD part speaking. I calculate those values to best reflect basic nutrition behind the dishes and I hope you will find it useful. Most of the recipes include portion picture so you know what I had in mind for the calculations.

Speaking of pictures. All pictures you see at this website are taken by Pawel Konieczny, unless noted differently. Food photography is his passion by necessity (read: I asked, couldn’t say no), but his real talent and heart goes to people and portraits. Please visit his website and show him little love there.

Thank you for visiting and keeping me busy!

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  1. Isa says:

    I’m a friend of Monika and I can say that Monika makes me really happy when she cooks, so follow her!

  2. Diana says:

    Hello, today I came to this blog by chance. Monika you haven’t updated for almost two years but I hope you still get the feed and get to read this message.
    I live in Spain but my son loves Poland and has been living there for two years (with no intention of leaving) He’s made lots of Polish friends and today I was looking for some Polish dishes because he loves the food there too.
    Your blog is just perfect. Great recipes with fabulous photos and precise indications. Thanks ever so much.
    Regards, Diana

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